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Towell & Sons Auto Sales
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• Meet Our Team •
General Manager

Jeff is the youngest of the two brothers. After receiving his bachelors degree from Arkansas Tech university it was only natural that he end up in the "Family Business". His love for people and vehicles have led him to be the driving force behind Towell and Sons Auto Sales. Jeff has a wife Genny and is proud of his three boys, Joshua, Jacob, and Judah Towell, who will likely someday follow in his steps. You can find Jeff at the dealership most anytime the doors are open, ready to serve the customers who become family after a short while. Jeff is always willing to please, and would be more than proud to serve you at any time. Jeff enjoys time with his wife Genny, his boys, and loves the outdoors. If you combine all three he has had the perfect day off. Jeff enjoys playing golf, much like Monte, and if it's after hours, you will likely find the two of them on the links. Jeff takes care of each of his customers to the tune that most of them are "his" customers for life. At Towell and Sons, each customer is part of a relationship. It's better than having family "In the Business" and not is not a just a moniker. Ask any of our customers about their experience, you will find that we are always fair, honest, and trustworthy. We wouldn't have you expect, or accept, any less.

Sales Professional/Human Resources

Monte Middleton has been a part of the dealership since 1996. He started like the rest of the family, at the bottom, working his way up, he dedicates himself to his customer as do the rest of the team. Monte is knowledgeable in finance and sales options as well as his products, he is a great asset to Towell and Sons Auto Sales. He is married to wife Kelly and has a young son named Carson and has another son on the way! He is a family man, and spends many hours working with his video ministry at the First Baptist Church in Manila. Speaking of video, Monte is working with Larry to be able to bring you high resolution videos of each of the vehicles available here on the sight. Keep coming back for this option, we are breaking new ground, just as we did with photos and the internet. Monte works to grow the business through "word of mouth" referrals and has many customers that will only "deal" with him. That is a testament to his dedication and to the business and its future. After some time away from college, Monte returned to the University of Arkansas to get his degree in Human Resources and also fills those shoes at Towell and Sons Auto Sales. He has reached out and added to the family owned business by bringing in individuals that fit in with our values and commitment. Monte is also quite the "Techie" keeping Towell and Sons Auto Sales up date with the latest in technologies that can help track our business and help take care of our customers, our ultimate end roll. His dedication to you, the consumer, falls in direct correlation to our overall ideals and commitments. Monte can be reached at the 800 number above or by leaving him an email at the email adress provided.

Duffey Towell
Office Manager

Duffey Towell keeps the office running and takes care of the "Business End" of Towell and Sons Auto Sales. Like the rest of the family, she wears a lot of hats, and probably more than the rest of us. If you need help anything other than sales or service, she will be your main contact. She is the wife of Larry Towell and has two daughters. She has been at Towell and Sons for the better part of 15 years, and is always a bright spot for all of us. Don't be surprised if one of the guys doesn't immediately have the answer, Duffey usually will. She was trained by the Matriarch of Towell and Sons, June Towell who worked for decades to bring Towell and Sons through the generations into the successful company it is today. If you have a direct question for Duffey, the easiest way to reach her is by calling the 800 number listed, she will gladly take care of any need you may have.

Ronald Payne
Service Manager

Ronald Payne is the Service Manger for Towell and Sons Auto Sales, and will always be here to schedule your car in for any service need you may have. Ronald has proven that he will always take time to make sure you know exactly what is going on with your car. If you need service, give Ronald a call, he will make sure you get the fastest service possible, without sacrificing the quality of your work.

Genny is always here to help you any time. Whether you need to make a payment, improve a document, or have a question about your account or insurance, Genny is always smiling and ready to help you, no matter your need.

Kelly Middleton

Sales Dept.

Towell & Sons Auto Sales

3453 AR-18
Manila, AR 72442